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When I was growing up, my mom had this amazing pair of boots from high school that I was absolutely in love with. From the moment I found out they were Gravati, I knew that I had to have my own designs produced there. Anyone familiar with shoe production knows that shoes produced at Gravati are the all time highest quality and are the kind of shoes that last a lifetime.

Gravati is a renowned family-owned factory in Vigevano Italy and each pair of shoes is completed entirely in house by hand through a practice that dates as far back as 1909.

What Makes Gravati So Special

Blake Construction:

Gravati employs blake construction; a process where the outer sole of the shoe is directly stitched to the insole. This allows for more flexibility and a lighter weight feel.


By producing shoes with cork insoles rather than synthetic insoles, all of Gravati’s shoes provide incomparable cushioning and breathability.

In House Manufacturing:

From insole to outsole, the entire shoe is made and inspected under one roof. The unparalleled construction speaks for itself and the timeless nature of the craft leaves much to be appreciated.


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