We surprised 10 customers with our Zip Bootie

Ahead of our Perfect Zip Bootie launch this fall, we surprised 11 customers with the new style to fit test and provide feedback. Their favorite features? The 6mm of foam cushioning, the double gold zippers and the unbeatable cognac suede and black calf leather. Keep reading to find out why “perfect” is not an exaggeration.

Shop the Perfect Zip Bootie 70 in Black Calf

Perfect Zip Bootie 70, $525

Briana Turnbull
“The leather is beautiful – heel height is great!  I’m a mom of 3 kids and could run around with them and feel comfortable.”

Abigail Urquhart
“I love the way the shoes feel broken in the first time you wear them!  I always have to walk around in boots for a while before I feel comfortable wearing them for a full day, but these felt perfect from the moment I put them on.”

Hannah Rabkin
“I have a small but wide foot and luxury boots are often way too narrow for me so I was thrilled that these fit well around my entire foot.”

Avery Eyster
“These booties look and feel like high quality Italian leather shoes. From the subtle smell of the leather when I took them out of the box, to the way that they effortlessly form to my feet while still maintaining a beautiful structure, these shoes scream ‘high quality’.”

Cheryl Chase Mackenna 
“I am CRAZY about these booties!  The double brass zipper detail takes a classic style to a whole new level – there’s detailing from every angle.”

Anna Le
The nappa leather is so luxurious feeling – you can definitely tell that there was a lot of love and thoughtfulness that was put into the design.”

Fawziyyah Madyun
“These are definitely walking shoes allowing me to be on my feet sans pain for long periods of time.  This is very important as I am on my feet for a large part of the day.  Also, I live in New York City so I look for both style and comfort and these booties fit the bill.”

Katherine Gharbian
“The quality of these boots are top notch. The leather is buttery smooth and the soles are thick – they epitomize the type of Italian craftsmanship i’ve come to adore from Sarah Flint.”

Stephanie Neruda 
“Wore these out with some friends and I received so many compliments.  The leather and craftsmanship is beautiful, and I was able to walk from dinner to another bar without an issue.”

Rana Taghdisi
I like the grip on the sole of the shoe. I always add this to my boots after the first month of wear, so it’s nice that it comes with it!”

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