The making of our Natalie flat!

Natalie, Saddle Vachetta

Natalie $345.00

A peek behind the curtain.
What makes our best selling Natalie so special?

Crafted out of naturally tanned vegetable leather, our Natalie flat is full of character.

Vegetable tanned leather has a lot of special qualities, but the greatest one being the “patina” that develops with wear. Patina is the term that is used for the character a leather develops over time, which gives the leather rich highs and lows as it absorbs the environment around it.

Each pair of Natalie’s is unique. Because of the different variants, the leather must be hand cut. The trained Italian artisans determine the placement of the leather so that the shade matches both shoes.

Because of this, each pair of Natalies is unique and tells the dynamic story of the person who has worn them.

Read below to see how the Natalie is handmade from start to finish in our Italian factory!

The upper is stretched around the last to form its iconic shape.

The heel of the upper is attached by hand.

The base is sanded down to create a flat and cement-able surface to attach the outsole.

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