The Handmade Still Life Collection

Inspired by Dutch Painter Johannes Vermeer. Renowned for his use of light and slow and careful work, our limited edition floral collection is an ode to Vermeer’s Still Life paintings. 

Shop the Perfect Pump 85 in Black Suede Still Life

Perfect Pump 85 $425.00

At Sarah Flint, we believe slow and careful makes for not only better shoes, but better experiences. For our Limited Edition Still Life Collection, we worked with a skilled artisan in Lucca, Italy who handmade every flower and leaf.

Every pair of shoes has 46 individual leaves and flowers and takes our artisans up to two hours to complete before being shipped to the factory and stitched on the shoes.

“So much of what I design is made for and inspired by everyday life, so I loved the idea of drawing on inspiration from Vermeer who illustrates ordinary everyday objects to create something extraordinary. You will notice his works often incorporate insects or half eaten food. If you look carefully at our imagery I even added hidden bugs to our photoshoot. ”

Xo Sarah

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