Spring Pinks: Sarah’s Flower Arrangement

Fabrics & Flowers

Drawn to the fresh mix of pink, orange, and green, Sarah created a lovely floral arrangement inspired by our Pink Stripe Jacquard.

“I picked out one color from the fabric, which I used to as the focal point of the arrangement. Instead of light pink, I wanted to play off of the Natalie’s orange piping, which I mimicked here with the bright red tulips.”

“I added the tulips in first, and kept their leaves attached to add dimension and texture. I added the greenery next, and slotted in the accent florals last so I could see where the arrangement needed a pop.”

“I love my arrangements to look and feel wild, which is why I like to work a lot with greenery. They’re a beautiful way to bring in different textures, as well as play with depth and height.”

Pink Floral Stripe Jacquard

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