See How The Founder of Framebridge, Susan Tynan Styles Our Natalie Flat

Susan Tynan is the founder and CEO of Framebridge, which is an online & mobile custom framing startup that makes it easy and accessible to custom frame the things you love.

Shop The Natalie Flat in Saddle Vachetta

Natalie $345.00

Q: What does walk like a woman mean to you?
A: Women are amazingly multi-dimensional. Walk like a woman means being capable and clever and unflappable. I work with really talented women – on my board and across my team. Women get stuff done.

Q: What inspired you to start to start Framebridge?
A: The idea for Framebridge came from a bad experience as a customer. I had four National Parks posters I had collected on annual hiking trips with my sister. I had collected the posters — which cost $40 each — and, after an uncomfortable experience at a frame store, I wound up paying $400 each to get them framed. My couch didn’t even cost $1600! I knew there had to be a better way.

Q: How do you personalize the framing experience for your customers?
A: We are true custom framers so every single piece is custom framed to the customer’s specifications by our team in Kentucky. We’re proud to be scaling a completely custom business. We know that our customers are framing the things they love the most, so whether you’re ordering on our site or in one of our retail stores or chatting with one of our designers, we want to work with you to make it perfect.

Q: What is your favorite framed photo in your house or office?
A: I have an awesome framed photo of my daughters leaning against a brick wall. It looks like a rock band album cover. They are 3 and 6 in the photo, but they look so confident and tough. The funny part is they are waiting outside our favorite cupcake restaurant!

Q: What is a style staple of yours that you rely on during busy days?
A: I’m really into wide leg pants! They are the perfect mix of dressy and casual – tailored and stylish enough but practical enough too.

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