Sarah’s Wedding: The Dreamy Florals

All about her DIY arch, bouquet, and centerpieces.

Shoe designer by day and budding florist by night, Sarah describes how she made these flowering showstoppers.

The Arch

“To build the arch, Sean hollowed out two cedar stumps, secured the sycamore branches, and then tied them together at the top. I attached the florals the morning of the wedding, using a mix of farm-bought and foraged stems. You need less flowers than you’d think if you’re open to using foraged foliage, which I love for creating a beautiful, wild look.”

“For attaching the flowers to the arch, I relied on twine, wire, zip ties, and a bit of floral foam. However, if you don’t want to build your own structure (especially day of), there are plenty of cost-effective options you can find online.”

The Bouquet

“I tend to mix different shapes and textures in arrangements, and I like to use odd numbers for a bit of asymmetry. I also spun the bouquet as I was making it, so I could see how it looked from all angles. Once I had the composition I liked, I bound everything together with floral wire. I covered the wire with white ribbon, and held that in place with a faux-pearl pin.”

“To complement my bouquet, I made Sean’s boutonniere out of Queen Anne’s lace, strawflower, veronica, bittersweet, and thistle.”

The Centerpieces

“I love when florals are wild and overflowing. To get this effect, I chose low bowls for the centerpieces, adding the greens first, and then layering in the flowers from densest to most delicate. Chicken wire helps keep everything in place, and once you’re done, you don’t even see it.”

“As a finishing touch, I laid figs and artichokes on the tables beneath the centerpieces. They added a nice bit of color and texture, and you can even cut into a few for a more rustic feel.”

The Dog Collars

“Look at these handsome boys! I pinned a few flowers to their collars so they’d be all dressed up with the family too.”

Check back on our blog next Wednesday for more stories on Sarah’s DIY wedding. Next up: the dessert and decor. #WeddingWednesdays

Discover more images from Sarah’s wedding on our Pinterest!

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