Sarah’s Travels to Venice, Italy

During my two weeks in Italy this spring, I stopped in Venice while traveling north from the Amalfi Coast en route to Vigevano. There was plenty to see by boat and on foot, all supplemented by copious scoops of gelato.

The Activities

You can’t come to Venice without stopping by Saint Mark’s Square. Surrounded by the Basilica di San Marco and Doge’s Palace, the square is normally packed with people (and pigeons). It was mostly empty when we were there, but I’m hopeful it’ll be back to its bustling pace once tourism picks up again.

After Saint Mark’s Square, we hopped in a water taxi to explore Venice’s canals. I love seeing all of the buildings’ archways and facades, and going under the famed Rialto Bridge.

I did get to do one thing I’ve never done before, which was visit the Murano Glass factory (hint hint to an upcoming collaboration!). World-renowned for their blown glass, they’ve been operating since 1291, so they’ve really perfected their art. I even got to try blowing glass myself, but I learned that it’s perhaps best left to the professionals.

The Food

One of the standout meals in Venice was lunch at the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal. I’ll never say no to fresh pasta and white wine, and I’ll also never say no to said pasta being served with a bread basket.

For dessert, we headed to Gelatoteca Suso, where I got a double scoop of chocolate and frutti di bosco (berry). In the cup vs cone debate, I’m always pro-cone.

The Outfits

Ulla Johnson Dress + Sacchetto Ballet Flats + Reversible Face Scarf

Ganni Dress + Perfect Pumps

Staud Blazer + Sacchetto Ballet Flats + Reversible Face Scarf


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