Sarah’s Guide to a Summer in New York City

“While most New Yorkers like to leave the city for the summer and find a nice beach or club upstate to take refuge in, I find that the quieter city streets and empty parks are a bigger reason to stay than to leave. So after living in the city for almost a decade and calling Greenwich Village home for the past couple of years, I am sharing a few of the hidden gems that have made summers in the city one of my favorite times of the year. Hopefully, none of the Greenwich Village locals get mad at me for spilling our secret spots!” 
Xo, Sarah

Best Restaurant:
I am a big fan of dining outside during the summertime, and there’s really nowhere better than Rosemary’s in Greenwich. During the day, you can find a seat on the patio which is right across from the Jefferson Market Garden (another hidden gem of mine!). At night I like to sit inside by the bar which is tucked away towards the back of the restaurant and is covered in colorful tile and plants. As for the menu, you can’t go wrong with their prosciutto panini (extra avocado and mustard, please) and their namesake rosemary’s focaccia!

Pro tip:
Go up the metal staircase and discover their rooftop garden, where they source some of the ingredients that make up their Italian menu.

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Flower Shop:
A staple in Greenwich Village, Casey’s Flower Studio is a small but charming family-owned neighborhood business that has been around since the ‘80s! In the summertime, Casey’s storefront overflows with flowers and plants– it’s hard to walk by without popping in for a bouquet! Once you step inside their collection of florals is mind-blowing. I’m a sucker for a beautiful arrangement so I like to make sure my home and office are decorated with fresh blossoms every week or so. Some of my favorite flowers are blue hydrangeas, pink peonies, and white tulips.

Pro tip:
For first-timers ask James (the owner) for a unique orchid arrangement and you will get a colorful, one-of-a-kind arrangement!

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Jefferson Market Garden:
Inside the triangular intersection formed by Greenwich Ave and W 10th St, sits Jefferson Market Garden, a small, peaceful garden that if you didn’t know was there, you could easily miss! The historic public library that sits right next door easily takes all of the attention with its Victorian Gothic architecture and storybook clock tower. I’m embarrassed to say I have lived in Greenwich for years and have passed the library many times until a few summers ago when I decided to stroll inside. After discovering the quaint garden next door, I have made it my personal sanctuary; taking a book or pencils and my sketchbook on lazy Sunday afternoons. This is where some of my first designs were born!

Pro tip:
Spend an afternoon by yourself inside and you will spot a handful of different blooms inside the greenhouse and outside, growing around the benches.

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