Puzzle It Out

Some fun and games.

Blogger Tara Thorsen of @thefashionhousemom breaks out our Avignon Dressing Room puzzle for a fun family afternoon at home. Here, she shares more of her favorite kid-friendly activities.

Q: What are your go-to plans for spending quality time with your family?
A: We love puzzles and games. One night every week is dedicated to game night. It’s so important to spend quality time together as a family without the screens.

Q: Why is the puzzle a great activity for both you and your kids to enjoy?
A: This puzzle was so fun (and challenging) to put together. The kids really loved the whimsical shapes, especially the bunny and the cupcake. They were the most coveted pieces!

“It was also great to tell them about the inspiration for the puzzle. My husband and I have taken several trips to France, so it was a perfect opportunity to share with them some of our adventures there.”

Q: What snacks do you always have on hand for you and your kids?
A: For a healthy snack, we always have apples and Nutella. It’s a favorite! As an extra treat, I let the kids decorate them with sprinkles to make fun apple “donuts.”

Q: What’s one pro tip for keeping your kids engaged while at home?
A: Keeping the kids engaged is all about keeping that communication going. We often play “Would you rather?” while doing puzzles and even during dinner. It’s a fun way to stay connected and get a few laughs!

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