Pretty Potpourri

Sarah’s new floral endeavor.

Inspired by floral wholesalers FiftyFlowers, Sarah repurposed one of her floral arrangements to make aromatic potpourri.

“Instead of throwing out the flowers I use in my floral arrangements, I like to take some of them and make potpourri. It’s a great way to extend the life of your flowers, especially when your garden is in bloom this spring.”

“You can use any flowers to make potpourri but I like to use ones that have a rich color and scent. The purple daisies keep their beautiful color even when they dry out, and the sweet peas are not only pretty but super fragrant and add a nice texture to the mix.”


Step 1: Preheat the oven to 200 degrees
Step 2: Cover sheet pan with parchment paper
Step 3: Cut half a lemon into horizontal slices and place onto pan
Step 4: Break off rosemary leaves from stem and place onto pan
Step 5: Remove floral stems and place either entire blooms and/or detached petals onto pan
Step 6: Fill the pan until parchment paper is completely covered
Step 7: Place pan into oven for 2 hours. Fully dry the flowers until they feel brittle, and then let cool.  
Step 8: Place dried potpourri into a decorative dish

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