Our Customers Tested The Perfect Sandal!

“Everything that I do starts and ends with my customers. I am continually inspired by them and am always looking to design styles that reflect how they live, what they need, and what they love. When I set out to design the Perfect Sandal, I wanted to create an event shoe that would give you the height and silhouette of a sandal without any toe crowding or discomfort. I wanted to create a sandal that you could dance in all night long – something you forget you’re wearing until someone compliments you. After two years of production and prototyping, the Perfect Sandal was finally perfect, and I could no longer contain my excitement. So, we decided to surprise some of our customers with a pair before the launch date and see what they had to say about the finished product.”
Xo Sarah

She The Perfect Sandal 100 in Black Suede

Perfect Sandal 100 $385.00

Our customers are our everything. Everything we do starts and ends with you. So…we surprised some of our customers with the Perfect Sandal before it launched. Here’s what they had to say:

“Oh my goodness! These Perefect Sandals are just that, PERFECT. They are incredibly comfortable, sexy, lightweight, and delicate around the feet. Sarah Flint’s generous arch, heel, ball of the foot support is pure genius! And the best news is my toes never escaped!!!! It is the details that makes Sarah Flint shoes different from all the others. It truly is a brand making shoes for women and listening to their needs.”

“Honestly it’s ALL ABOUT THE PADDING!! It’s so gushy and supportive and soft on the pressure points off my feet.”

“I was impressed by the versatility yet beauty of these sandals; they are perfect for complementing other statement pieces but they still manage to shine on their own.After twirling around my room for about ten minutes after trying these shoes on I ventured outside in them, eight hours later I returned home with a smile on my face and blister-free feet.”

“The new Sarah Flint Perfect Sandal is very versatile and we feel confident and stylish wearing it.  The arch support delivers comfort and great form.  Day or night, the Perfect Sandal will become a must-have.”

“These are absolutely the perfect heel to kick off wedding season. So easy to pack as a one stop shop shoe for rehearsal dinners and weddings so that I can be as efficient as possible when packing.I am the person who refuses to take off their heels at weddings no matter how much pain I may be in and the perfect sandal was so comfortable I completely forgot I was in a heel all night.”

“My favorite part about these shoes are the built in arch padding. I don’t know how many times I have attended events where the ball of my foot has been in pain because there is no support for the arch. These shoes are so comfortable and cute! The sleek and delicate shape of the shoes make your legs look long and elegant. The color can be seen as champagne in certain lights so you can basically pair them with any color.”

“Rocked these for a Junior League of Washington General Membership Meeting, where I moderated a discussion and Q&A with our amazing guest speaker. I received tons of compliments about the shoes and told the ladies all about Sarah Flint and how comfortable the shoes are. Despite the floor not being perfectly level, I never felt wobbly in these shoes. They made my outfit that much more chic. I wore them climbing stairs and walking around a whole bunch before and during the meeting. The sandals were comfortable for all of this. I even came them on to go to a birthday party afterwards. These sandals are great to transition from a meeting to fun time.”

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