My Flair Lady: Channeling Old Hollywood

How to achieve an Old Hollywood look, starring our coveted Parker heels and the ultra-glamorous Krystal Bick.

“Focus on one print and run with it. What I adore about classic movies is that an outfit was an outfit. The color scheme was cohesive, and if there was a print, it was carried throughout, even in the accessories Don’t be afraid to go with a bold pattern (polka dots are easy to start) and see what else is in your closet to match, like a scarf in a similar color or the Parker heels in mesh polka dot.”

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“Accessorize with scarves. Tie one over your head and under your chin for the “about to hop in a convertible” look. Fold it lengthwise and tie as a headband to create an “out sunbathing in the French Riviera” ensemble. Or the crowd favorite, tie it around your ponytail for a playful “jetting around Rome with a debonair love interest” outfit.”

Shop Parker 85, $395

“When in doubt, belt it. Many of my favorite leading ladies favored a cinched silhouette—and surprise, surprise, I do, too. You can easily achieve this look with most dresses, skirts and yes, even blazers. Try playing around with the belts you have in your closet (preferably wider ones) and see what you come up with.”

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