Katie Rodgers, artist & creator of Paper Fashion

Emma Heel, Taupe Suede

Playful colors, a respect for nature and whimsical floral prints are a constant source of inspiration for Sarah. Those same elements also influence NYC-based artist Katie Rodgers, the mastermind behind Paper Fashion’s ethereal paintings. It is no wonder why their spring shoe collaboration is a match made in heaven. Katie and Sarah worked together to create a design that incorporated their two styles. The result? A zebra print with a lot of fun hues and even more personality. Read on to discover the process behind the design for their spring collaboration!

Sarah Flint: What does “walk like a woman” mean to you?

Katie Rodgers: To walk towards things I feel passionate about. I full-heartedly believe that one thing leads to another, so to always move towards those things that inspire you. Walk (or run!) away from things that bring you no joy.

SF: When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

KR: Making art has felt natural to me since I was a kid! I’ve always felt that I wanted to pursue a creative field, there was never another option.

SF: Heels or flats?

KR: Flats! I like to be ready to move around and do anything within a moments notice – inside or out!

I like to play with colors more than anything… especially relating back to nature and florals. 

SF: How did you incorporate your signature style into the sneakers?

KR: I like to play with colors more than anything… especially relating back to nature and florals. So I began there and intertwined one of Sarah’s favorite animals within the flowers!

SF: When you get stuck how do you find inspiration?

KR: I take a walk! Or do anything away from my work.

Sarah Flint X Paper Fashion from Sarah Flint on Vimeo.

To purchase a limited edition pair, reach out to support@sarahflint.com.

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