In Her Shoes Marigay McKee General Partner, Fernbrook Capital Management

Former Chief Merchant of Harrods and President of Saks Fifth Avenue, Marigay has over 20 years of experience at the pinnacle of luxury retailing. Today, she leverages her reputation as a world-class leader in the merchant space to foster and build the brands of tomorrow.

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Q: What are three words people use to describe you?
A: Fun, energetic, and chatty.

Q: What is one of your favorite things in the world?
A: Our dogs . . . and salted caramel ice cream with popcorn!

Shop Marigay Sling 85, $395

Q: What is your favorite city to travel to?
A: Paris or L.A.

Q: What novel do you recommend to all your friends?
A: Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris (moral of the story: not to be as trusting).

Q: What’s one of your lifelong hobbies?
A: Art and design, but more recently, tennis.

Shop Marigay Sling 85, $395

Q: What does your power outfit consist of?
A: Alaïa, Alaïa, Alaïa,

Q: What is your favorite interior design trend?
A: New neutrals. Suzanne Kasler and Thomas Pheasant represent these for me.

Q: Share the best advice you’ve ever received from your mom?
A: Listen more, speak less

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