In Her Shoes: Ariel Okin, Founder and Principal of Ariel Okin Interiors

Ariel Okin is Principal and Founder of her eponymous interior design firm, Ariel Okin Interiors, and is also a contributing writer to Vogue, Architectural Digest and Domino. She recently partnered with brands Chasing Paper and Society Social to create her own lines of wallpaper and furniture.

Q: What are three words people use to describe you?
A: Thoughtful, go-getter, tiny (I’m 4’11!).

Q: Where do you gather your inspiration?
A: New and vintage design books, Instagram, travel.

Q: How would you describe your design style?
A: Traditional with a twist.

Q: What’s your favorite design trend?
A: I’m not big on trends—I’m more interested in design with staying power.

Q: Name a book you recommend to all your friends?
A: Lately it’s Nobody Will Tell You This But Me by Bess Kalb. Warning: you will laugh, and you will ugly cry.

Q: What does your power outfit consist of?
A: High-waisted jeans, white t-shirt tucked in, blazer, and booties.

Q: What’s your favorite comfort food?
A: Matzo ball soup.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from your mom?
A: Be grateful for every day, be positive, and be nice to everyone!

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