In Her Shoes: Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Clerisy

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson is the current co-founder and managing partner of Clerisy. She has also co-founded GLAMSQUAD and Gilt, and is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and tech advisor.

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Q: What makes you most excited about your job?
A: I love that every day I get to meet new people and learn about new consumer companies that leverage modern technology. Even through the pandemic, thanks to Zoom, I have been able to meet so many founders and to learn about their innovative companies from around the world. I also love learning daily from my Clerisy partner Lisa Myers, who is so smart and has a truly complimentary skill set and experience to my own.
Q: What is one of your proudest accomplishments?
A: Being a working mom. I would never have wanted to miss out on motherhood or a busy career. I am proud to be doing my best to balance both.

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Q: What does your power outfit consist of?
A: I feel put together in a tailored jacket, slim-fitting pant, and a comfortable heel or a chic flat. 
Q: What is one of your favorite beauty tips?
A: Sunblock every day. I live in Miami—sunblock is not optional!
A: At Sarah Flint, we delight in small moments of joy, from a cup of tea to a good book. We call them our “Little Luxuries.” What is one of your Little Luxuries?
A: My guilty pleasure is a little bit of Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu streaming right before bed. Most of what I watch is in other languages, mainly Spanish. There is so much great content out there! This helps to unwind me after an intense day.

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Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever received from an inspiring woman in your life?
A: Follow your gut instinct.
Q: Heels or flats?
A: Flats by day, heels by night.
Q: Beach or city?
A: How about a beach-city? (That’s one of the many reasons I love Miami!)

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