In Her Shoes: Alexandra Griffin, Founder & CEO of Alma Kitchen

Alexandra has spent over eight years in culinary innovation and international brand development, and has always been drawn to the joy food brings. Founding Alma Kitchen has combined her passions, and is her way of creating and sharing beautiful food experiences with others.

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Q: How did you get started in your career?
A: I was incredibly lucky to have, what was for me, a dream job after graduating college. Among other things, my job was to travel the world, explore new cuisines, and understand how to translate those local flavors into a menu and branding strategy for a QSR restaurant chain (imagine tasting 30+ donut fillings in São Paulo and doing bakery tours in Vienna!).
Q: Best advice you’ve ever received from an inspiring woman in your life?
A: One of my best friends, who is a very accomplished woman in education, once told me three simple words that had a huge impact on me: allow yourself grace. As women, there is a tremendous amount of pressure to be and do so much. That pressure certainly comes from external forces, but in many cases, it also comes from internal expectations that we put on ourselves. It’s so important to remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to not be perfect. 

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Q: What is one accomplishment you are most proud of?
A: Finding the right partner in life. If it’s something you seek in life, it’s one of the most important decisions you can make, and I am so grateful I found and married the most incredible and supportive man.
Q: What does your power outfit consist of?
A: It depends on the setting and the occasion. If I’m in the kitchen baking with the team, wearing a chef’s coat makes me feel very proud, as I don’t have any formal culinary training. If I’m presenting to a room, nothing tops a high-heeled pump.

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Q: What makes you most excited about your job?
A: An easy question! But a two-part answer.
The first is that we are able to champion a few specific sustainability initiatives as part of our brand mission. For every box that is purchased, we donate $2 to the Nature Conservancy, which funds the purchase and planting of one tree. We also offset carbon emissions from all of our shipping. Being able to continue and grow initiatives around such an important cause makes me excited every day.
The last year has been difficult for all of us and for many reasons. But I’d like to think we have been able to bring a bit of joy into people’s lives. I think part of the reason Alma has resonated with people over the last eight months is because there is an even greater craving to connect with nature and with each other. I love reading the notes that our customers write to be included in their gifts each week, because so often it’s clear that sending a box of Alma is their way to connect with loved ones who they may not be able to see in person.  Being able to help bring people joy right now is especially meaningful to me.

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Q: One thing people don’t know about you?
A: Probably that I originally was going to be a theatre major—in addition to baking, florals, and nature, I also love a good musical.
Q: Period piece or rom com?
A: Period piece (much to the dismay of my long-suffering husband).
Q: City or country?
A: Country.

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