Tips For Working From Home: The Sarah Flint Team

Working remotely can be a tricky situation, whether you’re used to an office or prefer to be at home. From the Sarah Flint team, here’s our key advice for making the switch.  

Getting Ready:

Tip 1: Continue to get dressed first thing in the morning. Whether you’re more comfortable in office attire or athleisure, a change of clothes will help you distinguish the start of your day from the end. 

And since we personally believe you aren’t fully dressed without shoes, we’ll also be wearing our go-to pairs around the house. 

Tip 2: Create a distinct workspace. Maybe you have a home office, or maybe you just have a small table, but set up separate spaces for where you work and where you relax. 

Tip 3: Take the time to make a nourishing breakfast and to tidy up. You’ll be more focused after a nice meal in an organized space. Opening a window or lighting a candle also helps to create a peaceful yet productive atmosphere. 

Getting to Work: 

Tip 4: Make sure you have the tools you need. Set up a mouse if that helps you work more efficiently  than your laptop’s trackpad. Test out your video-conferencing software and phone-call capabilities. 

Tip 5: Be extra communicative. At the start of every meeting, ask who is capturing decisions and follow-ups. Share recaps and notes to ensure that everyone is informed. 

The same strategy goes for feedback and praise. Working from home can be isolating, so take a moment to tell someone that their work is appreciated and that they’re doing a great job. 

Tip 6: Take breaks! It’s still important to get up and walk around, or carve out a few minutes to call a friend. You’d be doing the same if you were in the office, so it’s important to incorporate these moments at home. 

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