How To Invest In Your Career And Style According To Romitha Mally

Vice Chairman of Investment Banking at UBS, Romitha Mally has been dubbed a top “Wall Street matchmaker” orchestrating some of the highest-profile mergers between indie brands and their conglomerates. Read below for Romitha’s advice on career, style, and how to navigate even your busiest of days in a pair of pumps.

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Q: What does walk like a woman mean to you?
A: It means walking with confidence while being able to juggle a million different things with precision and grace.

Q: What makes you feel most confident?
A: I feel most confident when I can speak with authority and conviction when I am advising clients. This requires making sure that I am incredibly prepared on many fronts from understanding their objective to really understanding their business inside and out, as well as the competitive dynamics that surround the business. I always try to put myself in the shoes of my clients when giving advice. I work in a field still dominated by men. Walking into a meeting in high heels and being as tall or taller than most men also gives me a lot of confidence.

Q: What is your favorite heel height?
A: I have learned to successfully navigate my busy day in 100mms. The added height puts me close to 6 ft tall and it makes my legs look better. My sons are really tall so in 100mms I do not need to stand on my tippy toes to hug them.

Q: What is your work uniform?
A: I like classics for work – a simple dress in a dark color with a great pair of heels. I use my shoes to share a bit of my personality.

Q: How do you feel in heels?
A: I feel incredibly powerful in a pair of heels. It gives me a psychological lift that fires me up to compete in an industry that is still so male dominated.

Q: How many pairs of heels do you own?
A: Far too many!!

Q: Whats the best advice?
A: Make sure you invest in your professional success, but make sure you find time to enjoy life and spend time with the people you love. When you are older, you do not remember that important meeting that was all consuming, but you will remember missing important moments in life like your son’s tennis match or school play.

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