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National Gardening Day

To celebrate National Gardening Day, Atlanta-based mother and gardener Ashleigh Byrne shares all her gardening tips and tricks to creating a beautiful and blooming spring garden.

“I’ve been gardening since I was little with both of my parents. My mom always planted flowers each spring and my dad was a vegetable gardener. They grew everything from seed and it truly brought them so much joy.” 


“I love my Beherns steel watering can. It doesn’t rust and holds a ton of water. I always wear my Hat Attack sunhat and my Leisure Lane apron when I know that I’ll be getting messy. I use a small notebook from Sara Fitz Studio with the sweetest garden design to keep track of what I am growing.”


“Plants need room to breathe, so spacing is crucial. I’ve definitely made the mistake of planting my seeds too close together and it never turns out good, especially for plants like flowers and vegetables.”

“Watering really depends on what the weather has been doing. During the summer months, our beds get watered usually 3 times a week or more. Soil plays a huge role in the health of your garden. We use a mixture of potting soil for vegetables and flowers, along with an organic compost.”

“Since we do mainly organic gardening, it’s a lot of picking bugs off of the plants by hand. If it gets out of control with pests like aphids, we use ladybugs or neem oil. For bigger critters like chipmunks and birds, we have a tall 8 foot fence surrounding our beds and net certain plants during the summer months.”

From Garden to Table

“In the spring I love to plant zinnias, cosmos, larkspur, and sweet peas. In the late fall I love planting bulbs and corms like ranunculus and daffodils. I try to grow flowers that will last a few days in a vase. Zinnias are by far the longest lasting flower for cutting.”

“The veggies and herbs are all used for cooking. I love to make salads, roast them, and make sauces and dressings. I have many recipes from marinara sauce to caprese salad on my blog.”

Grear Sandal in Saddle Vacchetta


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