Five Tips for Working from Home  @bornonfifth

Atlanta-based lifestyle blogger Emily Hertz routinely works from home, but things are different now that her husband and daughter are home with her. Below, she lists her five tips for staying productive. 

1. Set Up a Work Station

If you don’t already have a designated office, arrange a workspace that will make you as efficient as possible (i.e. not your bed). 

2. Stick to a Schedule 

Ensure you’re at your desk for blocks of time so you can start and finish projects, big and small. As I’m also homeschooling my daughter, I use her playroom time as my dedicated computer time. 

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3. Get Dressed

While it may be tempting to laze around, it helps to get dressed (and make your bed!). In my opinion, you’re never fully dressed without your smile—and your shoes. 

4. Take Inspiration Breaks

I’ve been flipping through our floral coffee table books. They’re so inspiring and make me so happy spring is officially here.

5. Stay Grateful

It’s beyond lucky to be in a position to work from home. Remembering that, as hard as times are, has been important to me and hopefully you too! 

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