Fireside chat with Karlie Kloss

A fireside chat with Sarah Flint & Karlie Kloss at our New York pop up, talking all things career, Kode With Klossy, and investing in women. Here are some highlights from Karlie. 

“I’ve always had such varied interests and part of the reason why I’m so grateful for my career is this kind of access to the world and to amazing, interesting people”

“I ask questions all the time and I have organically gotten involved in investing through meeting amazing people and wanting to support what they do. Particularly female founders because I really understand and appreciate the problem that you are solving” 

“Two people never solve the same problem the same way and I think it’s important to have diversity of thought at the table when building code that powers algorithms that touch everyone.”

 “I think part of why I was so interested in learning to code was because it was perceived as difficult”

 “That is where I’ve developed this confidence to just try new things and not be afraid because what’s the worst that can happen?”

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