Fall In Lake Como, Italy

According to Shellie Frai, Sarah Flint’s Social Media Manager 

As the Social Media Manager at Sarah Flint, I am always posting about Italy: the beautiful process behind our handcrafted shoes, dreamy cobblestone streets, and all of the pasta. So when Sarah asked me to join her on her most recent trip, I was ecstatic. To finally experience this world that I have been appreciating from afar was something so special. The Production Team and I spent one of our days relaxing in Lake Como and I’m excited to share our travel tips with you!  

Explore: Lake Como 

When you hear “Lake Como” it’s impossible not to imagine an enchanted, Italian holiday. After a few days of shooting content and checking on our spring styles in Vigevano, Lake Como was the perfect place to unwind. The only word I can use to describe the scenery is dramatic. The rolling greenery, architecture, and, of course, the lake were as breathtaking as I imagined. We ended the night on a scenic ferry tour where the water was illuminated by the surrounding villas. I finally understood and felt the tangible beauty behind every Italian image we have ever posted. 

Eat: Crianza

Tucked away in the center of Como, we visited this restaurant per the recommendation of our Italian Production Manager, Mattia. It’s safe to say we trust him just as much with food as we do shoes. The vintage plates, wooden spoons, and ceramic centerpieces felt right on-brand for the Sarah Flint team. We shared a medley of dishes which included lasagna, grilled octopus, and pumpkin puree because one plate is never enough in Italy. 

Stay: Hotel Regina Olga

One look at this hotel and I was immediately transported to a Wes Anderson film. The hotel is covered with big windows overlooking the lake and a beautiful garden in the front. The staff was so lovely and welcoming and coordinated every last detail for us (including water taxis, which are my new favorite form of transportation.)

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