Expert Interiors: Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen, Salvesen Graham

Keeping with our Cozy Yorkshire Interiors collection, we’ve asked a set of interior designers how they create serene and stylish spaces, while showcasing their favorite Sarah Flint shoes.

Now, London-based designers Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen share their decorating tips for a calm and cozy bedroom.

Salvesen Graham specializes in layering textures and color, and the juxtaposition of antiques with contemporary pieces to create timeless interiors with a quintessentially British edge.

“Choose patterns that don’t fight one another. You can use any number of patterns and colors in one space as long as one isn’t more dominant than the others.”

“The half tester bed canopy is a lovely way to introduce more texture, while the height serves to anchor the bed in the space.”

“In bedrooms, lighting is especially important. You need to have lovely low lighting to feel relaxed. Here, we chose several different types: overhead, wall lighting, and lamps.”

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“Symmetry is a tried-and-tested look that creates a calming effect. We’ve reinforced this with the custom-colored lamps and swing-arm reading light forming an elegant frame for the bed.”

“Mixing fabrics really makes a space feel more comfortable. For the sofa, we chose velvet upholstery as a sumptuous contrast to the linen headboard.”

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