Design Inspiration: Avignon Dressing Room puzzle

Sarah Flint x Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

Step inside the chic and cozy world of our new Avignon Dressing Room puzzle as Sarah shares some behind-the-scenes details of our latest collaboration.

Hand-painted by Sarah, this scene comes directly from her February 2020 trip to Avignon, featuring her room at French hotel La Mirande and a stunning array of her bestselling shoes.

The wallpapers, the fabrics, the banquettes, the chandeliers—the décor at French hotel La Mirande in Avignon served as the inspiration for our new puzzle. Furnished with many antiques from the nearby market, the historic building blends 18th- and 19th century-inspired elements in every room, along with curtains by famous French textile designer Pierre Frey.

Sarah’s friend and travel partner Stacie Flinner took the original photo that was to become the inspiration for the puzzle.

“I worked on the painting for around six hours per week over the span of two months, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat. I find I’m definitely most creative late at night.”

To bring the cozy Avignon scene to life, we partnered with Wentworth Wooden Puzzles, a jigsaw puzzle company based in the Wiltshire countryside of England.

Wentworth used a laser cutter to create each wooden piece, including their signature Whimsy pieces that reflect Sarah’s favorite things, like a teacup, rabbit, and Perfect Emma heels.

“It’s nice to always have a piece of that trip to France with me now, so I can always imagine I’m somewhere chic and cozy.”

Sarah Flint x Wentworth Wooden Puzzles | 250-piece puzzle featuring a painting by Sarah titled ‘Avignon Dressing Room.’ | SHOP NOW

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