Design Details: The Perfect Dress Bootie

We asked Sarah about her design inspiration and styling tips for our new fall staple, the Perfect Dress Bootie.

Q: What inspired this design?

A: I wanted to make a dressier ankle boot for a few seasons now, but my trip to Yorkshire directly inspired this design. The scalloped detailing draws from the curving backs of the antique Chippendale chairs, which I found throughout the estates like Newby Hall.  

Q: What are some of its most special features?

A: The feature I’m most excited about is actually one you can’t see! This shoe is my first to have a concealed 10mm platform, which decreases the pitch of the foot to make it more comfortable to wear. In essence, this makes the 60mm heel feel like 50mm, and the 90mm heel feel like 80mm.

Q: How would you style this pair?

A: For a more relaxed look, I’d wear the taupe pair with jeans and a cozy sweater. For something more dressed, I’d do the black booties with textured tights and a dress.

Q: Finish this sentence: I’ll wear this shoe the next time I . . .

A: Have a Saturday-night cocktail on the porch or by the fire, depending on the weather.

Q: Finish this sentence: This shoe makes me feel . . .

A: Like the most polished, adult version of myself.

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