Design Details: The Mirjana

Sarah shares her design inspiration and styling tips on our must-have Mirjana sandal.

Q: What inspired this design?
A: I wanted to create an effortless sandal that would be easy to slip on and off. I started thinking about it as a sister style to the Grear, in slide form.

Q: What are some of the Mirjana’s most special features?
A: The interwoven bow is part of the pattern work, which I think makes it more modern and intricate. It’s also a classic Capri-style construction made on the Amalfi Coast, meaning that it’s very lightweight with a stacked leather footbed and leather outsole.
Q: How would you style this pair?
A: With an A-line sun dress, paper-bag shorts and a white blouse, or a silk camisole and jeans.  
Q: I’ll wear this pair the next time I . . . 
A: Run out the door to the beach, especially back in Massachusetts. 
Q: Finish this sentence: This shoe makes me feel . . .
A: Like sipping a bellini by the ocean. 

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