AYR Founders

AYR was founded in NYC by fashion friends committed to creating confidence through clothing. It’s not about a label or a logo. It’s about the woman who wears it.

Natalie, Saddle Vachetta

Natalie $345.00

Q: Whats your favorite ‘90s song?

A: I’m a huge Brit pop fan, so I have a couple: Pulp by Common People and The Verve Bittersweet Symphony

Q: Who are your fashion icons?

A: I got into fashion because I loved Alexander McQueen’s “Voss” Collection, that was something that really inspired me. Twilda Swinton because she really dresses for herself. I also love Patti Smith back in the day and Basquiat’s girlfriends!

Q: What’s your life motto?

A: See something, say something. The MTA got it right with that one. Life is too short to wait. If you see something, say something because that’s the only way you can make it happen!

Q: What is something you never leave the house without?

A: I always bring my camera. I have a Reko and it’s so great because it fits in my purse. We take all of our brand pictures on it. Our Instagram is mostly photos of our friends, family and team and its all captured on my camera!

Q: What are three things in your closet you can’t live without?

A: That’s easy — AYR Jeans, a tee and The Robe.

Q: What’s your favorite pizza place?

A: John’s on Bleeker St. Luckily AYR makes a lot of stretch in our jeans, so I frequent there a lot!

Q: What’s your favorite part about working together?

A: Jac: the camaraderie & the feeling of were all in this together
A: Max: confronting challenges together & snack time
A: Maggie: i’m in it for the laughs

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