Amy Rice and Louise Brooks, Founding partners of Oomph furniture

Founding partners of Oomph furniture, Amy Rice and Louise Brooks bring a lot of color and a little bit of oomph into every piece of furniture they design. The idea was born after a long beach walk together in the Bahamas (after a few too many Goombays) and the rest was history. Both are described as creative, cheerful, and determined, and their dream days consist of spending time with their grandchildren.

Shop the Perfect Emma in Black Suede & the Jay 85 in Black Suede

Perfect Emma, $355 | Jay 85, $395

What does your power outfit consist of?

AR: The Italian designers! Anything Armani or Max Mara, and Akris (not Italian) are daytime power. Evening – Always a Caftan, usually custom or ODLR. I would always rather be overdressed – but that’s part of my super power. 

LB: Black Pants – Always. I am constantly on job sites and transitioning from indoors to outdoors from minute to minute, so I love a great Cape. I’ve found amazing Capes for every season – they are always chic and have so many variables to make a statement with Black Pants – Fur collar, belted, leather trim, high collar, etc. 

When was the last time you sent a hand-written note?

AR: Almost every week! There is no substitute for a hand-written note, event if it’s just a line or two. You don’t need fancy stationery. I could wax poetic about the value of a hand written note.

LB: Yesterday I sent out three! It’s wedding season and I was just a guest at a few. When in doubt, write a note. If you are not in the habit of writing notes – you’ll be incredibly surprised by how meaningful it is to the recipient. 

What’s your favorite interior design trend?

LB: The amazing use of color in unexpected ways. Not just in wallpaper and furniture – which we of course love and create for our own clients, but in natural materials such as granite and marble. 

Who is your favorite old Hollywood movie star?

AR: Katherine Hepburn for all the obvious reasons (the style, the movies, the comedy!). But also for her confidence and quick wit – there is also an amazing Brownie recipe of hers floating around the internet! 

What’s one song you know all the lyrics to? 

LB: I’m grandmother to several toddlers – so right now – A, B, C, D . . . . Baby Shark i know pretty well too, doo doo.

What’s your favorite type of flower?

LB: Peony; the scent, of course, is an all time favorite – but from bud to bursting, the dramatic bouquet is my early summer favorite. 

One thing you need whenever you are entertaining guests?

LB: Great music will set the tone for the evening – from a wedding to a small dinner party. My husband tends to do the cooking, so I can focus on setting the scene with a great playlist and table setting. 

AR: Plenty of Ice! I like smaller gatherings, so having a comfortable place for everyone to sit comfortably is most important. 

What is your secret pleasure Instagram account to follow?

LB: Paloma Contreras!

AR: Sotheby’s Jewelry!

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