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Painter Katarzyna Stróżyńska-Goraj talks about creating the print for our Yorkshire Floral Scarf.

Q: What is your main medium?
A: Watercolor paints and rapidograph, which I use mainly for making precise sketches for watercolors.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration?
A: I am a graduate in art history, and I spent the last years of my studies writing my master’s degree on English gardens. In fact, my main inspiration is the nature that surrounds me. I love English gardens and villages, small houses covered with thatched roofs with backyards full of flowers. I also reach for the art of Renaissance masters. I admire mainly the choice of colors and the specificity of the workmanship.

Q: What would you like us to know about your creative process?
A: When I got the mood board from Sarah Flint, I felt that it was created for me. The idea appeared in my head quite quickly and I went straight to work, collecting and looking for flowers that would refer to the English countryside. My intention with the main pattern was to create the typical harvest bouquet which represents traditional Yorkshire/English botanicals.

For the asymmetric arrangement of the flowers, I referred to meadows by the forest with blackberries and weasels hidden among them. The main pattern is concentrated largely in one of the scarf’s corners, with more modest compositions in the remaining three.

Q: How did you get your start in this field?
A: I have been painting and drawing since I can remember. I owe a lot to my mother, who instilled in me a love for art and taught me a lot (she is a carpet designer). After graduation, I decided to dust off my brushes and start painting again. I set up an account on Instagram, and after some time, I got my first order from a company that produces children’s clothes. That’s how my adventure with pattern design began.

Q: How would you describe your signature style?
A: I find my style very classic. I focus on details, and love combining the outline with the watercolor fill.

Q: What is your favorite detail of the scarf?
A: My favorite elements are definitely the weasels, and the idea that they are hidden between flowers.

Q: What was it like working with Sarah on this project?
A: Working with Sarah Flint was a great honor for me. The theme, concept, and colors are definitely my cup of tea, so working on the project was a great pleasure.

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