A Look Into Sarah’s Wedding Planning

Follow along Sarah and her fiancé Sean’s trip to Yorkshire, England where they scoped out their venue and all things wedding related!

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Meet Sean! My amazing Fiance. He loves photography, travel, and me!

Destination: Yorkshire, England
The Venue:
“My family and I have always loved traveling to England and as soon as we visited the Broughton Hall Estate, there was no question that this is where we wanted to get married. Surrounded by farmland, woodland, and moors, the acres of rolling countryside really make you feel like you are in a fairytale.”

The Catering:
“Box Tree will be catering our wedding and in true Yorkshire tradition, the courses will include Goat cheese and beet tart, beef and Yorkshire pudding, and a hazelnut tart for dessert.”

The Florist:
“I immediately bonded with Sarah from Simply Arrangements. We share a love of William Morris and Jane Austen and I can’t wait to see what she brings to life for the special day.”

The Area:
Three must sees if you’re ever in Yorkshire!

Parcevall Hall Gardens:
“What I love most about Yorkshire is the endless greenery. The Parcevall Hall Gardens are a real hidden treasure and include an array of beautiful flowers from China to the Himalayas.”

Bolton Priory:
“Known as the jewel in the crown of Yorkshire’s landscapes, Bolton Prioy is the perfect day trip for exploring the ruins and over 80 miles of footpaths.”

Tempest Arms Pub: 
“Nestled in the heart of Yorkshire, this cozy pub is one of my favorite spots to visit. It’s the best place to order a real ale and sit by the log fire!”

Xo, Sarah

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